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Volda Fiskemat AS was established by Olav Bjørneset in 1942. He was a steward by profession and started making fish cakes, fish balls and fish pudding in a cellar in Volda. The business was no immediate success financially, but things started improving toward the end of the Second World War.

In 1953 Bjørneset moved into new purpose-built premises with cold storage rooms. In addition to producing sea food he also sold fresh fish. The products were only sold in Volda the first years, but gradually you could find them in most parts of Sunnmøre. A fish truck was used for selling the products outside Volda from the mid-fifties until the late sixties, when the freezer became common property.

The second generation gradually took over, and today the firm is run by Ottar Bjørneset, who is son of the founder Olav Bjørneset. At the end of the seventies, Volda Fiskemat AS had outgrown the premises in the centre of town, so the business moved to Furene, an industrial area on the outskirts of Volda.

Following a series of expansions, a new building for production, packing and cold storage was built in 1984. The adjoining building was aquired in 1992 and now contains offices and storage rooms. Today Volda Fiskemat AS has 1400 square meters at their disposal and perform all the production on one floor.

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Volda Fiskemat AS

Furene 6100 Volda

Tlf: 70 07 78 80

Fax: 70 07 80 84

E-post: post@voldafiskemat.no